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Broncos Defense Shuts Down Panthers Offense

The Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton, who on Saturday was named the NFL MVP looked like an average run of the mill quarterback in Super Bowl 50 thanks to the relentless Denver defense. The Broncos defense forced four Carolina turnovers, with one resulting in a fumble recovery for a touchdown and one in a […]

New Weapon to Fight Zika

Every weekday around 7 a.m., a van can be seen driving slowly in Piracicaba a city in southeastern Brazil, carrying a most precious cargo – mosquitoes. Over 100,000 of the mosquitoes are dumped out of plastic containers from the windows of vans and they fly off to find new mates. However, these are no ordinary […]

Microsoft Will Support Windows 7/8.1 On Latest Hardware (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft has announced that it is creating a transitional list of PCs using the latest Intel Skylake hardware that will be certified to run Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems for now. However, Microsoft will support the list of Skylake PCs running Windows 7 and 8.1 for only18 months, until July 17, 2017. After […]

Jason Rezaian Released Following 544 Days in Captivity

Jason Rezaian a journalist with the Washington Post who had been held in prison in Iran since July of 2014 was given his release on Saturday. The U.S. and Iran entered a new era for international relations on Saturday when the landmark nuclear program agreement was implemented on a day filled with drama that also […]

Sean Penn Meeting Helped Lead to Downfall of Drug Lord Guzman

A secretive meeting that Sean Penn the Hollywood big screen star put together with drug lord Joaquin Chapo Guzman in a hideout deep in the Mexico jungle, during 2014, helped the government of Mexico capture the most wanted drug lord in the world, said sources. Guzman, the infamous Sinaloa drug cartel boss, was arrested on […]

FDA Gives High Risk Label for Pelvic Mesh as Medical Device

Mesh implants used in the repair of a women’s pelvic organ prolapse (POP), a condition that develops frequently following childbirth, will face much tougher scrutiny after thousands of problems have been reported with the device known to be prone to problems. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on Monday the pelvic mesh would be […]

Execution in Saudi Arabia of Cleric Ignites Anger in Iran

The Supreme Leader in Iran warned Sunday that there would be a divine retribution for the rulers of Saudi Arabia after an execution of a Shiite cleric, which helped sustain the increasing regional tensions that have eruption in wake of the execution. The warning was given only hours after protesters stormed as well as torched […]

Violent Turbulence Causes Injuries to 21 on Air Canada Flight

Twenty-one Air Canada passengers including three who were children were taken to a hospital in Calgary after violent turbulence caused a number of injuries on a flight from China. Flight 88 had been en route from Shanghai to Toronto when violent turbulence was encountered by the aircraft and pilots were forced to land in Calgary […]

Brazil Approves Vaccine for Dengue

Following Mexico and the Philippines, Brazil has approved the first vaccine for dengue named Dengvaxia, reported an international news agency. The agency said that the Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil has given a green light for the use of the dengue vaccine in the country. The government of Brazil will set the vaccine price, but […]

Rio de Janeiro Declares Emergency in Health System

Rio de Janeiro’s governor has declared a state of emergency in the city’s health system due to a shortfall in the budget that was caused by the chaos in the healthcare system of the state only eight months prior to the city hosting the Rio Games or the Olympic Games for 2016. This declaration comes […]

Police: Las Vegas Strip Driver Intentionally Hits Dozens

A driver weaved her vehicle onto Las Vegas strip sidewalk crowded with people a number of times injuring over 35 pedestrians in what law enforcement called an intentional act. One person died at the scene with 37 more injured on Sunday night close to the Paris Las Vegas Resort said authorities. Witnesses said a female […]

Saudi Arabia Local Councils Elect First Women

Voters in Saudi Arabia have voted into public office 17 women in their municipal elections in the Islamic, conservative Kingdom this past weekend. This is the first election to allow any participation by women, a news site that is state aligned reported Sunday. The elections were the first where women were allowed to vote as […]

Report: Net Worth in U.S. Households Dropped over $1.2 Trillion

Americans lost over $1.2 trillion in their net worth for the third quarter as a volatile stock market helped contribute to one of the biggest declines in net worth for households since the start of the economic recovery, according to a report released by the Federal Reserve on Thursday. The drop was driven for the […]

Detainee at Guantanamo Bay Suffered Mistaken Identity

A radical militant who fought with the Afghanistan Taliban and has been locked up at Guantanamo Bay without ever being charged for 13 years was a victim of a mistaken identify, said defense officials in the U.S. The man was captured during 2002 and was believed to be a facilitator for al-Qaeda or possibly a […]

Two Teenagers in Israel Guilty of Killing 16-Year Old Palestinian

Two Jewish teens have been found guilty by a court in Israel for the role they played in the kidnapping as well as killing of Palestinian Muhammad Abu Khdeir who was just 16. He was bludgeoned then burned to death in a forest in Jerusalem during July of 2014. The killing enraged many Palestinians while […]

Stedman Bailey Critical After Rams Wide Receiver Shot

Stedman Bailey the third year St. Louis Rams wide receiver was shot twice on Tuesday night in the head said a source. Bailey is reportedly in stable but critical condition. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday, said the source. A source with the Rams said that the team believes the injuries suffered by […]

Gunmen Attack Radisson Hotel in Mali, Hostages Held

Gunmen on Friday morning attacked a luxury hotel in Bamako the capital of Mali. At least three people were killed during the attack and over 170 are said to be held as hostages by their attackers. Amongst those held are hotel staff and guests. Both American and French forces use the capital of Mali as […]

Indianapolis Pastor’s Wife Killed in Home Robbery

On Thursday, a pastor’s wife died just two days after being attacked in an apparent robbery of their home. The office of the coroner later on Thursday ruled that the woman’s cause of death had been a gunshot wound to her head. Police do not have any suspects in custody. The couple had moved two […]

Crash of Small Plane in Akron Kills Nine

A fiery crash of a jet at an apartment building in Akron, Ohio on Tuesday afternoon killed all nine people abroad the plane, said the owner of the plane. Augusto Lewkowicz said late Tuesday that he would not be releasing the names of his seven passengers and two crew on the plane. The aircraft took […]

City in Michigan Elects City Council with Muslim Majority

Hamtramck, a Detroit enclave, made history when it became what likely is the first American city to elect a city council with a Muslim majority. The city has been historically Polish with a population of 22,000, but voted three Muslim candidates to the council on the panel of six members, one of which is an […]

Counting Calories: Junk Food is Not Making Us Fat

Forget everything you have heard about junk food, and about how junk food makes you fat.  According to a new study that may not be the case at all.  “While a diet of chocolate bars and cheese burgers washed down with a Coke is inadvisable from a nutritional standpoint, these foods are not likely to be a leading […]

Donovan McNabb will spend 18 days in Arizona jail for DUI

Donovan McNabb doesn’t think he has a drinking problem, but the former NFL quarterback  will serve 18 days in an Arizona jail after pleading guilty to a non-extreme DUI. McNabb was stopped by police in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert on June 28 while driving impaired. It will be the second time McNabb will be forced […]